12 Apr 2009

The spiral of life!

- This spiral of eggs belongs to a species of a nudibranch.
- Most of the times they are a perfect spiral like the one on the left.
- It is very fragile and easy to be disturbed (right) so perfect your buoyancy and don't touch please(babies inside)!
-Most of the times I have seen it, it's on rock cliffs, probably for aeration

4 Apr 2009

Tompot blenny

-It usually sits at the shadows.
-It swims really bad.
-Very common at ports.
-It slides like a soap when you trying to take it of the hook. Don't through it to water (keep it inside a bucket with water) until you leave the area because it may hook again as you free it.
-It tastes very bad.
-Photo taken at Artaki city beach (Euvia island)

3 Apr 2009

i'm off the tube!!!!

-During the day it leaves under rocks, active at night.
-photo taken at Paros island (mikri Santa) at august 08.