5 Sept 2011

For our Fathers...

This post is dedicated to the memories of Hectors' Father Socrates, and my Father, Makis. They are the people that first introduced us to the glory of the Sea. Both of them were passionately in love with her. Every moment of their leisure time was spent by her side, being active fishermen and seamen. We continue to dive for their memory, my Father passed away 12 years ago and still to this day I dedicate every jump into the water to his memory.
Socrates died yesterday.
May he rest in peace, we will always remember him.
In the days our Fathers explored the Sea, the sight of big fish from the Grouper family was very common with fish reaching massive sizes. Nowadays it is very rare to see big specimens unless you are lucky to visit Marine Protected Areas, or other remote areas that have not been overfished. This photo of the Dogtooth Grouper was taken in North Greece and is far from the maximum size of 78kg reported as the maximum weight in Fishbase.org. The inquisitive fish on the right corner is of course a very common Eastern Mediterranean Inhabitant, the beautiful Coris julis, but he will have to wait for his turn on a separate post.